Your kitchen isn’t just where you cook — it’s a central area in your home where you build the foundation for your family’s health and well-being. As such, your kitchen should be safe, aesthetically appealing, and feature the latest technology that will allow you to cook efficiently without sacrificing flavor or time. 

 Invisacook is installed beneath your countertop. Using advanced invisa-induction technology, it works through your countertop to effectively heat the surface and create an adequate cooking space where there might not traditionally appear to be one. Additionally, as the Invisacook does not generate direct heat, it remains safe to use as traditional counter space when you’re not cooking. 

1 Burner
11.5" x 14.75"
2 Burner
11.5" x 20"
110V & 220V
3 Burner
30" x 15.3"
4 Burner
22.75" x 22"
5 Burner
35.6" x 20.2"

Invisacharge has revolutionized the invisible Qi charging station.  You can charge your devices effortlessly and wirelessly without any visible charging pads or cables.  Its sleek and minimalist design seamlessly blends into any environment, making it the perfect addition to your home or office.  Experience the future of charging today with Invisacharge.

While most Qi chargers only work with an external pad or stand that your device has to come into contact with, the Invisacharge® uses our Invisacook technology to provide you with easy charging capability by working from beneath your counter space.

Additionally, while many Qi charging items will only work through materials that are thinner than one centimeter, the Invisacharge® is installed under any solid surface material up to three centimeters and does not need any additional pads or devices to facilitate charging.


The right sink for your home depends on a variety of factors, including personal preference, aesthetic design, durability, maintenance, cost, lifespan, and resistancesWhether you are looking at sinks for your kitchen, bathroom or bar, let us help you find the right sink for your space.

60/40 Stainless Steel

Bar Sink Stainless Steel

Composite Large Single Sink Grey

Porcelain Rectangular Vanity Sink

50/50 Stainless Steel

Prep Sink Stainless Steel

50/50 Composite Sink Concrete

Porcelain Oval Vanity Sink

Large Single Stainless Steel

Composite Prep Sink Black

60/40 Composite Sink White