Terrazzo Finisher

Rosa Mosaic & Tile Company is a tile, terrazzo, and natural stone subcontractor serving Kentucky and the surrounding five state region. Rosa Mosaic has a long and rich history in the terrazzo trade, serving the construction and design communities since its inception in 1937. Our terrazzo installations rise to the level public art in some of the region’s most cherished buildings, including the Muhammad Ali Center, the Louisville International Airport, Churchill Downs, the Speed Art Museum, Vanderbilt University Light Hall, Western Kentucky University’s Honors College, and many others. We offer a complete training program that will enable you to become a valuable addition to our team of skilled tradespeople within three months.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:
• Measure designated amounts of marble aggregate, resinous binder and other ingredients for terrazzo flooring according to standard formulas and specifications, and load ingredients into portable mixer.
• Transport terrazzo mixture to the terrazzo mechanic and place it in the appropriate area for the mechanic to trowel tight and flat.
• Keep all tools, equipment and buckets clean.
• Grout various colors of terrazzo flooring with appropriate color grout after the floor has been installed by the terrazzo team.
• Cut metal divider strips for designs and assist mechanic in setting the divider strips for patterns, color changes, control and expansion joints.
• Wash polished terrazzo surface, using cleaner and water, and apply sealer according to manufacturer’s specifications, using brush or sprayer.
• Assist in measuring and cutting precast terrazzo base for installation before terrazzo floor is poured if coved base is specified.
• Inspect finished project for quality and cleanliness.
• Always keep the project site clean and free of trash, slurry and other construction debris.
• Terrazzo finishing positions require 40% travel and a dependable form of transportation.

Desired Skills and Experience:
• Demonstrated problem solving and analytical skills
• Accurate in work product with attention to detail
• Positive attitude in performing job functions as a team member
• Aptitude for timeliness and organizing work sequence
• Respectful and courteous of others always
• Willingness to learn to read shop drawings and terrazzo industry standards
• Committed to safe working habits